Kanamara Matsuri Festival 2012: Iron Penis Festival in Kawasaki

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Kanamara Matsuri Festival 2012: Iron Penis Festival in Kawasaki

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The Kanamara Matsuri Festival was held on Sunday April 1, 2012 in Kawasaki, Japan. At the program thousands of people, three giant penis, smiles and laughter, joy and especially the celebration of fertility. I was there, so here is my experience. 

I invite you to read the article Kanamara Matsuri Festival: the celebration of fertily in which you can find more information about this particular celebration.

Today, I went with my friends to fertility festival in Japan called Kanamara Matsuri Festival. This is a ceremony dedicated to the celebration of fertility, and it is annually held (the first Sunday of April). 

Kanamara Matsuri Festival: I must go there 

During the celebration of New Year in Tokyo with my friends, I heard of Kanamara Matsuri Festival for the first time in my life. Even better, I’ve seen photos of it. What one of my friend told me, I had to go to this festival of a rather special kind. So I said to myself I must go there even if I have to buy a Cheap Tickets.

After some research online, I found that the festival takes place on an annual basis in Kawasaki on the first Sunday of April. So I decided to organize an event on the Meetup Group Tokyo Spontaneous Hangout in order to invite those who wished to participate. Fifteen people were so registered.

Kanamara Matsuri Festival: let’s celebrate fertility?

Basically this festival is supposed to celebrate fertility and promote sexual relations in order to procreate and thus ensure a descent to the Japanese people. I mean at the base, because today you can have the impression of watching something else.

I arrived at Kawasaki Daishi Station at 09:00 and had immediately spotted the place of the ceremony, a small temple very close to the train station. Then I waited for the other participants. Once everyone was present, we could go there and start enjoying the festivities.

The parade was scheduled for 12:00, and it was around 10:00 when we were present at the temple. However, many stalls were already installed and many people were present.

kanamara matsuri festival, iron penis festival, kawasaki, penis & vagina lolipop

Sucettes Pénis & Vagin (Penis & Vagina Lolipops)

The main theme, as you can imagine, then, was the penis. We could see it everywhere and in all forms: lollipops, candles, key rings, various accessories … Everything, or almost, was shaped like a penis. Sex was everywhere.

kanamara matsuri festival, iron penis festival, kawasaki

Sucettes (Lolipops)

We could also admire the three relics of the penis, the object of worship of the day. One was huge and pink, the other made of black iron and of a size less imposing and the last one in timber and a much smaller size but still big enough.

Everyone agglutinated around these three objects of desire in order to take photos. There was more curiosity than any real desire for celebration. Even kids, many were present, were invited to ride these things for a few photos shoots. After all, they are the result of the fertility that we are supposed to celebrate, right?

kanamara matsuri festival, iron penis festival, kid on penis

Enfant & Pénis (Kid & Penis)

Iron Panis Festival: I wore a female kimono?

Very quickly we learned that we could wear kimono for free and we had to go in the building next door to the temple. Curious about new experiences, I took my whole team with me.

After persuading everyone to wear a kimono, despite the reluctance of some, we were all dressed in the Japanese traditional clothing. There were not formal kimono, but rather more casual kimono.

But what struck me immediately was the colour of the kimono. Most of them were kimono for women. I could wear a male kimono, but the belt was a female one. It also gave a mixture of the strangest.

Looking around me, I saw many Japanese men, old enough wearing female kimono and wigs. So I started a photos shoot and they play the game with me.

kanamara matsuri festival

Meetup Group

Once we were all dressed, we could go to follow the parade.

Kanamara Matsuri: a funny parade ???

We were supposed to celebrate fertility, I say supposed, because, following the performance of the festival, it’s not that we celebrate fertility, but the curiosity and excitement in view of the penis.

At 12:00, the parade started and the main actors entered the scene: a priest, a devil and three penises worn by many Japanese. We followed them and I was fortunate to be close to the penis in the middle of  a cheering crowd and compact.

kanamara matsuri festival, pink penis

Pink Penis

It became difficult to walk; everyone was laughing or having fun. An almost naked Batman stroll through the crowd, a Japanese girl wearing a penis outfit was getting photographed and people were screaming and cheering in support of the holders of the 3 penises.

The walk was quite long because of the large crowd that clearly slowed the procession. But the atmosphere was really good. I noticed very quickly that many foreigners were there. They all seemed to be there to enjoy this unusual event for them. Everyone took the way and enjoyed it.

kanamara matsuri festival, iron penis festival, japanese girl suck penis lolipop

Oishii ne !!!

Around 13:00 everything was over for us, we left the procession backtracked towards the temple. Fatigue had settled in some of us. And then we had pretty good advantage of this event.

It was time for us to go back home and have some rest. 

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