Yamanote Line: we did our own Yamathon

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Yamanote Line: we did our own Yamathon

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On the Yamanote Line in Friday, April 20, 2012, we made our own Yamathon. We were four and have traveled about 50 km walk in 13 hours and 12 minutes. Here are our exploits.

Few people know the Yamathon, but this is a recent event that is becoming increasingly popular. This is a tour of the Yamanote Line in Tokyo on foot. This is organized for charitable purposes every April and November of each year, and this since 2010.

I wanted to participate in this on Saturday, April 21, 2012, but unfortunately I had no partners. It takes a team of 4.

Yamanote Line: Why we did our own Yamathon?

Since I had no team to participate in Yamathon, I first said I was going to do this challenge by myself. And as a coincidence, my friend Ken announced plans to realize that too. So we talked and decided to make it on Friday, April 20, 2012, by ourselves, with two other friends (Sean and Sofie). 

It would be interesting to do it together with the real event, but unfortunately, everybody was not available on Saturday. This is why we have taken the initiative to do our own tour of the Yamanote Line. 

The appointment was therefore set at Friday, April 20, 2012 at Ueno Station at 9:00.

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Ken, Sofie, Sean & Aala

Yamanote Line: a tour that is long, really long

I take the Yamanote Line everyday, and like thousands of Japanese and foreigners living in Tokyo. This is the most used line in the Japanese capital. It is simply a tour of Tokyo and serves all of the biggest stations in the city.

The Yamanote Line has 29 stations for a distance of about 35 km. When we borrow it, one does not really account for the distance traveled. But when one follows it on foot, this is totally different. There are nearly 40 kilometers to go, if one is not lost.

jr yamanote line, yamathon, tokyo, japan, japon

Yamanote Line

Getting lost is precisely what we got to do repeatedly. The advantage of this is that we discover places or unusual things. The disadvantage is that you get tired faster.

In the Yamathon event, you are asked to perform around the Yamanote Line in less than 12 hours. According to Google Maps, you can perform this tour in 7 hours and 48 minutes. Well we, we did it in 13 hours and 12 minutes. 

Yes it was slow, very slow, but this is due to the following facts:

- We often lost ourselves

- We took our time

- We took breaks

- We took pictures at each station

- We sought for the stations stamps

- Fatigue that accumulates over time (Google Maps does not take proper account of that)

In the end, when you look closer, we realized a good time while enjoying a minimum for that round out of the ordinary.

jr yamanote line, yamathon, tokyo, japan, japon, tampons, stamps

JR Yamanote Line: les tampons (stamps)

Yamanote Line: a summary of our journey

Here is a table intended to show you our path, the transit time between each station and some annotations (times and distances displayed are theorical accordin to Google Maps)

Departure Arrival Distance (Km) Time Departure Arrival Comments
Okachimachi Ueno 0,750 00:08 08:58 09:00
Ueno Uguisudani 1,100 00:13 09:04 09:27
Uguisudani Nippori 1,3 00:16 09:27 09:40
Nippori Nishi – Nippori 0,750 00:10 09:40 09:52
Nishi – Nippori Tabata 0,900 00:11 09:52 10:13
Tabata Komagome 1,600 00:19 10:13 11:00 We got lost en route by taking the wrong path
Komagome Sugamo 0,850 00:10  11:00 11:21
Sugamo Otsuka 1,200 00:14 11:21 11:37
Otsuka Ikebukuro 2,000 00:24 11:37 12:10
Ikebukuro Mejiro 1,100 00:13 12:10 12:34
Mejiro Takadanobaba 1,300 00:15 12:34 12:58
Takadanobaba Shinokubo 1,400 00:17 12:58 13:19 Break until14:00. We found a “weird restaurant”
Shinokubo Shinjuku 1,400 00:17 14:00 14:27
Shinjuku Yoyogi 1,000 00:12 14:27 14:43
Yoyogi Harajuku 1,700 00:20 14:43 15:13
Harajuku Shibuya 1,500 00:18 15:13 15:55 Break from15:30to15:50at a cafe
Shibuya Ebisu 1,700 00:21 15:55 16:20
Ebisu Meguro 1,600 00:20 16:20 16:46
Meguro Gotanda 1,300 00:15 16:46 17:13
Gotanda Osaki 1,100 00:14 17:13 17:27
Osaki Shinagawa 2,300 00:28 17:27 18:36 We’ve ot lost many times
Shinagawa Tamachi 2,500 00:30 19:00 19:34 Break from 18:36 to 19:00 at a fast-food
Tamachi Hamamatsucho 1,800 00:21 19:34 20:04 Sofie went back home, she was tired.
Hamamatsucho Shinbashi 1,300 00:16 20:04 20:37
Shinbashi Yurakucho 1,400 00:17 20:37 20:53 7 minutes break until 21:00
Yurakucho Tokyo 0,850 00:10 21:00 21:08
Tokyo Kanda 1,400 00:17 21:08 21:30
Kanda Akihabara 0,900 00:11 21:30 21:53
Akihabara Okachimachi 0,850 00:11 21:53 22:12
TOTAL 29 STATIONS 38,85 km 7:48



Yamanote Line: Unusual things

When we started this tour, we knew that we would discover things that come out of the ordinary. But some of our findings were really unusual. Here they are:

- A “weird” restaurant: it is located on the Yamanote Line, in a busy neighborhood and for 2000 Yen, you can eat meat out of the ordinary. I do not talk about it more here because I first want to get more information on it. An article will be dedicated soon, with pictures.

- A boy and his penis: At Shinjuku station, we were taking a picture of our group when we saw a young man about twenty years walking with his penis out of his pants. When we asked him if it was a true or false one, he realized that his cock was in the out and immediately stored it back. Strange.

- Condoms with an original slogan: in a street near Ikebukuro, we found a distributor of condoms with the slogan “HAPPY FAMILY”. Find the error.

- A Love Hotel that prohibits foreign ladies waiting on the road: it is in Shinokubo that we saw a funny sign before a Love Hotel. It says: ” PROHIBIT TO GO INTO WITH FOREIGN LADIES WHO ARE WAITING ON THE ROAD”. You must understand that it is forbidden to go there with a prostitute from abroad.

jr yamanote line, yamathon, tokyo, japan, japon, love hotel

Love Hotel

So this was our experience around the Yamanote Line on foot. I want to do it again soon.

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  1. Rodger 1 May 2012 at 15 h 11 min - Reply

    Great job on ‘My Own Private Yamathon! Your time was reasonably good. I walked it this year and I know there were teams that took even longer! Just wanted to congratulate you!

    • tunimaal 1 May 2012 at 15 h 29 min - Reply

      Hi Rodger welcome on my blog and thanks for your comment.

      Yeah I thin we were not that bad because we took our time to enjoy a bit and have some fun… I really liked it and I wanna do it again.

      I am thinking about doing it in 2 days so I can enjoy all the stations and what they have to offer. I am also thinking about doing the Oedo Line… :)

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