Kagaya Izakaya in Shimbashi : the amazing experience of Jean-Paul

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Kagaya Izakaya in Shimbashi : the amazing experience of Jean-Paul

This is the second story of a trip to Japan participating in competitions organized by this blog. Today you go to discover an Izakaya like no other. You even have the right to a very hilarious video.

Hi everybody,

Let me introduce myself, Jean-Paul, 25 years originally from Lyon. I attack my third month in Japan as part of a Working Holiday Visa. For now I work at a Japanese restaurant as a commis chef. In a Franco-Japanese atmosphere quite special. The mixture of culture in such works, where Japan and France mixes, sometimes gives some interesting situations, and stormy. Adapting to the culture of others for some of my colleagues is really difficult.

But I’m here to tell you about a completely different experience much more interesting. Indeed after some time spent on the Japanese capital, a friend of mine asked me to make me discover a little Japanese bar (Izakaya) atypical in Shimbashi.

At first glance, this tiny Izakaya located on level -1 of a small building seemed quite ordinary. But after a few seconds spent indoors, one notices very quickly that this is a very special place where Oshibori (hot towels) are served with a robot in the image of an iconic figure known Japanese of all children and adults, “Anpanman”.

After we’ve got these towels along with a staging of a truly hilarious and childish song, the boss gives us the drinks menu. First surprise by flying over the menu, I felt like it was in the handwriting of a child. Until then, nothing unremarkable, so I decided to order a beer, quite basic thing. After ordering the owner asks us to choose from a list of countries on the map (France, China, the United States, Japan and others). Our choice is therefore on Brazil.

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So the boss goes to the bar to prepare our drinks. But after that, the master of the house disappears behind a curtain for a while, a silence settled then a Rio carnival style music begins to be heard. And all of a sudden such a bomb without warning, the owner comes out of hiding wearing a disguise meant to represent the “Brazil” and begins to make a wild dance while swinging streamers in the faces of customers.

After this second stage, we got our drinks. Only problem, the beer is served in vibrant mugs where it is almost impossible to drink. Despite that I managed somehow to drink without myself dirty.

Having received our drinks, we got the menu. Only problem there is no description of what we will eat. The dishes are served at the whim of the boss. And to order we are asked to sing a phrase that describes our level of appetite written on the “menu” (which more like a school notebook than anything else). While still in the mood, so I put my request to sing. The boss judging my performance was not good enough asked me to sing again, several times. As a poor singer, I think the judge had to settle for what I had to offer.

After that, the evening takes place almost normally. Until a new group of people shall come into the bar, just as we demand note. In good spectator, my friend asked me to take the bill and wait for the show for the new table.

The boss brought me the bill inserted into the swimsuit a little Barbie and asked me to take it by mouth. What I do with some trepidation. And to thank us for our coming, the Barbie therefore begins to kiss me on the cheek which is quite normal.

It was at this time that the evening reached its climax. After taking the order of that table in the rules and the choice of the country, which was focused on the United States, the boss was preparing his show logically. I leave you the pleasure to discover in this finale video, which I believe truly reflects the many facets of Japan. On the one hand the formal and serious side of society, on the other side the paradoxical and fancy Japan.

 The address of this special kind of Izakaya:


Japan Tokyo, Minato, Shinbashi, 2−15−12 花定ビル B1F

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Here is a story and an original experiment proposed by Jean-Paul. After watching the video, what do you think of this Izakaya? Would you get there? If you like this story, share it with your friends and help Jean-Paul to win the contest.

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