Japanese schoolgirl cafe in Akihabara: I tried it

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Japanese schoolgirl cafe in Akihabara: I tried it

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Today I propose you to discover the Japanese schoolgirl cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo. A cafe where all the waitresses are real high school students in uniform.

After I visited a Maid Cafe in Akihabara and the Nekorobi cat cafe in Ikebukuro, here I am in a schoolgirl cafe in Akihabara.Tokyo, like the rest of Japan, is known to abound I places quite unusual. So here is a new one for me. 

A Schoolgirl cafein Akihabara? Why not to go there 

With my friend Haruka, we wanted to try a different location to continue to explore the city of Tokyo and what it has to offer. So we found ourselves in Akihabara in Tokyo.

japanese schoolgirl cafe akihabara tokyo - flyer

Schoolgirl Cafe @ Akihabara – Flyer

After a few minutes walk, a young girl, very young, approached us with a flyer and proposed us to follow her in a Schoolgirl cafe. Having never tried this, we decided to follow her. So we were on the way to experience a new kind of cafe. We had to walk 10 minutes right through the streets of Akihabara to arrive at the spot.

Schoolgirl Cafe, is it legal?

Once inside this Schoolgirl cafe, we immediately remarked the obvious youth of the waitresses and the absence of adults. Hummm? This is pretty strange.

We therefore called on our young waitress and ask her for her age. She told us that she was 16. Wow, what a shock. We therefore requested further explanation on the concept and she told us that this is a cafe where all the waitresses are real high school girls aged 16 or 17. 

We sat down, ordered some drink and found out that these young ladies were serving alcohol. Here a question came to my mind: given their young age, do they really have the right to handle alcohol? 

This place does not seem to be legal. After 20 minutes, we finally saw an adult, hidden behind a curtain in the kitchen.

We engaged the conversation with our waitress and asked her why she was working in this place. And what was not my surprise when I heard her answer. She then explained to us that she was working there because she could wear a school uniform which was very KAWAII (cute). She worked only for the opportunity to wear it.

japanese schoolgirl cafe akihabara tokyo - sensei card

Sensei Card

After a few minutes, we also learned that this was her first day of work at this place. It felt in her innocence, her gestures and her stress, enough visible. I said to myself “poor girl, she will be perverted by people who are there and will loose her innocence that characterize her youth”. Especially with the kind of customers going there.

A place for pervert, this Schoolgirl Cafe in Akihabara?

This schoolgirl cafe in Akihabara was not very full in terms of customers; only six were present (plus me and my friend). But what was striking, and which did not surprise me, was that the clientele was exclusively male, and that they were quite young (in their twenties).

They glance at the waitresses and the way they spoke to them could be offensive to some people. I’m thinking about one of those customers who said to our young waitress, which was working there for the first time:

“You know that because of you we risk problems. If the police come here, you are a minor girl and we are major, so we could be arrested because of you!!!”

I heard many silly sentences in my life, but this was a good one. How it was the fault of the young girl if this “pervert” (after all it was indeed a pervert, why else would he be there?) came to this Schoolgirl cafe? What would be the fault of the waitress if the owner can scrupulously open places like this just to make some easy money?

But let’s forget about this people and try to enjoy this place and its “originality”.

Schoolgirl Cafe in Akihabara: a nice experience anyway

The experience, outside the fact that the waitresses were very young, was pleasant. We were able to drink and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. The price, however, remained a bit steep, since you must pay a ticket according to the present time you stay there, on which you have to had your consumptions.

Finally, we must also pay to have the right to take photos, as in all cafe of this kind. The cost was 500 Yen (6.5 USD) per photo and schoolgirl on the photo. It was forbidden to take photo with your own camera. 

japanese schoolgirl cafe akihabara tokyo - aala & schoolgirl

Aala & Schoolgirl

The waitresses were really friendly and always smiling, and the service was of good quality, despite their young age.

After an hour there, we left the place, and paid our bill.

I promise, I will never go back to this cafe because it does not match my values. I refuse to condone the abuses of young girls just to make easy and quick money.

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