Izakaya & Karaoke party in Shinjuku

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Izakaya & Karaoke party in Shinjuku

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On Friday evening, we spent the night in an Izakaya and did some Karaoke in Shinjuku – Tokyo. Another event organized with the Tokyo Spontaneous Hangout Meetup. We were 23 people and we spent a pleasant evening.

As so often since the month of  November 2011, I organized themed events in Tokyo. One of the last, which date from last Friday, was a party in an Izakaya with Karaoke, all you can drink and 7 meals course. Altogether we were 23 people present. A real pleasure.

Izakaya: what is it? 

Before I start talking about this event, let me briefly introduce the concept of  Izakaya in Japan.

An Izakaya (居酒屋) is a place where alcoholic beverages are served, if we translate it literally from the Japanese. These are busy areas in the evenings, where you can drink alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages; eat hot or cold dishes with friends or colleagues.

izakaya karaoke party in shinjuku april 13 2012 enjoy 300x200 Izakaya & Karaoke party in Shinjuku


The Izakaya are a favourite place for Japanese Salarymen after a hard day’s work. They go there to socialize and relax. Of course these places are open to anyone interested (and over 20 years old). They are very popular and are like some kind of bars where you socialize and have fun.

Izakaya and Karaoke: a good atmosphere

With the Tokyo Spontaneous Hangout Meetup Group, I organized this event at Izakaya to allow a fairly small group, but large enough, to gather together.  I had counted on 20 people to join us, and found myself with 23 people in total. On the menu, we had all you can drink beverages, 7 dishes courses and Karaoke. All for 3 hours and the price of 3500 Yen only (about 45 USD).

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As so often, when I organize this kind of event, I do not know the majority of participants. This is what makes the charm of them. In general, I can draw a half Japanese and half of foreigners participants. This allows a greater mix and good atmosphere. This party did not derogate from the rule.

izakaya karaoke party in shinjuku april 13 2012 singer 300x237 Izakaya & Karaoke party in Shinjuku


Once there, we could drink, eat and laugh a lot. At first, I told myself that I would try my hand at Karaoke, but given the level of some participants, I preferred to pass my turn. There were some real professional karaoke singers.

Finally, the 3 hours were spent quickly and nobody wanted to leave because we spent such a great time. But unfortunately time was up and we had to leave. But never mind, it is only a matter of time. We planned to organize many other events of this kind in the coming months.

izakaya karaoke party in shinjuku april 13 2012 fun 300x200 Izakaya & Karaoke party in Shinjuku

Time to say good-bye

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