In Japan it is possible to eat dog meat

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In Japan it is possible to eat dog meat

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I knew in Korea and China people eat dog meat. But you can imagine my surprise when I discovered a restaurant in Tokyo – Japan, where dog meat could be consumed.

In April 2012, while I was talking with friends, I was surprised to discover that people in Japan could consume dog meat. To do this, just simply visit the neighborhood of Shin-Okubo in Tokyo. But is that the Japanese really eat dogs?

Dog meat in a … Chinese restaurant

The dog is an animal very popular and especially liked by the Japanese. It is not uncommon to see, usually small, dogs with their owners on the streets of Japan. With the cat, it is certainly the favorite animal of Japanese.

So when I learned that a restaurant offered dog meat consumption, I was amazed. This is why I decided to go check it out to see it with my own eyes. In reality, it is not a Japanese restaurant but a Chinese restaurant, located in Koreatown (Shin-Okubo) in Tokyo. This certainly explains this, as residents of these countries are dog meat eaters.

Dog Meat: What does it taste like?

Being curious by nature, I would have liked attempted to taste the dog’s meat. But I say “wish to try” because I did not do it for reasons that are personal to me. However, a friend decided to volunteer for me. This is one Canadian friend : Sean. We therefore visited this restaurant on 6 September 2012.

After entering the site, we settled at a table and ordered a basic plate of dog meat for 2000 Yen (about 26 dollars). For my part, I focused on a dish of seafood.

When the meat dish was served, I admit that its contents seemed most appealing. So much so that it made me want to devour it. I also think that most people, if they do not know that it is dog meat, will eat it without any problem. In any case, my friend, did try it.

IMG 3591 200x300 In Japan it is possible to eat dog meat

It is armed with a fourk that Sean enjoyed the meat. From the first bites impressions were made: tasty meat and tender at the same time. After a few minutes, his plate was empty and the experience was over.

So we headed out and we paid the bill. At this point, we tried to learn a little more about the origin of this unusual meat. The only information we could get was that dog meat originated in China and that the animal was of average size.

To eat dog : it may shock but …

As I write this article, I already know that some people will be shocked, offended or whatever more. I understand their reactions and I respect that. However, I would like to clarify several points here:

  • It is not Japanese culture but a foreign culture very well established locally.

  • This is not because in our countries and cultures we do not eat this or that meat that those who consume are “barbarians” or whatever else.

  • We must learn to respect cultures that are very different from ours even if we do not necessarily understand them.

  • For some people eating dog is more than normal, as for others it is normal to eat kangaroo, rabbit, horse, camel or any other food.

Personally I have nothing against the use of animals as long as they are handled and slaughtered under conditions which do not reflect any abuse towards them.

Hoping that you will understand my point of view on this issue.

So here is this experience for the least original in a country where so many things are possible. Moreover, I would like to know your opinion on dog meat, consumption and the fact that a restaurant offers it in Japan, where dogs are so often loved, cherished and even idolized.

Find out Shin-Okubo on Google Maps (the restaurant is located in front of the 7-11 close to Shin-Okubo station)

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  1. ayu 2 November 2012 at 23 h 42 min - Reply

    NOOOOO WAAAAY!!!!!!!!

    It is “South Korea” that there is culture which was eating the meat of the dog!
    The store which you ate to it is “Shin Okubo.”
    SHIN Okubo is the town in which many South Koreans live.
    Please do not write the wrong recognition by a blog.
    I regard your report as unpleasant!!!!!!

    • tunimaal 3 November 2012 at 4 h 02 min - Reply

      Hello Ayu,

      thank you for your message.

      The restaurant is not South Korean but Chinese as it is written in this article.

      I am not writting anything wrong. The restaurant is a Chinese restaurant in Korea Town (Shin-Okubo) in TOKYO – JAPAN. Everything I wrote is 100% true.

      Please don’t be offended by that. ;-)

  2. Random User 21 November 2012 at 4 h 19 min - Reply

    I don’t think this is enough to say that the Japanese eat dogs. That’s like saying New Zealanders eat dogs because there are Tongan immigrants in NZ that eat dogs.

    • tunimaal 21 November 2012 at 4 h 24 min - Reply

      Actually I am not saying that Japanese eat dogs. I am saying that in Japan also we can eat dog’s meat, which is different. I am saying that in Japan we can find a place where to eat dog’s meat.

      • aaa 19 December 2012 at 6 h 04 min - Reply

        “Actually I am not saying that Japanese eat dogs. I am saying that in Japan also we can eat dog’s meat, which is different. ”

        then we suggest you change the title of this article as you are completely giving a misleading impression to the readers as if Japanese DO eat dogs (on a regular basis like it is part of their daily life) rather than in Japan it’s POSSIBLE to eat dogs.

        There is a big difference here, as you yourself know and have pointed out. The change of the article title is anticipated by many of us, hope you are sensible enough….

        • tunimaal 10 February 2013 at 6 h 59 min - Reply

          Hi aaa

          thanks for your opinion.

          As you mentionned I am not saying that Japanese people eat dog meat, not at all.

          I am clearly saying that it is possible to find a place in Japan where you can eat dog meat. There is a huge difference here.

          The thing is, that on this kind of topic you will always get people that don’t agree and think something different.

          Any way, I am clearly saying that it is possible to eat dog meat in Japan which is definitly true. I am just talking about a fact and saying as it is, nothing more, nothing less.

          Thanks for your opinion.

  3. Lynn 17 December 2012 at 15 h 03 min - Reply

    I like how you handle this sensitive topic. I think it is the height of close-mindedness for people to declare that others should not eat a certain meat because it is “disgusting.” More often than not, this “disgust” is a matter of cultural values and feelings of cultural superiority, not a matter of absolute moral values.

    In the end, I think that it is hypocrisy to declare one animal edible and another not. This is particularly true if the ones trying to make the decision for others aren’t vegetarian/vegan or if the animal is not endangered. It’s fine if one personally abstains from eating something for any reason whatsoever, but in most cases, declaring that others should abstain too isn’t rational.

    Thanks for allowing me a space to vent about this.

    • tunimaal 10 February 2013 at 7 h 01 min - Reply

      Hi Lynn,

      thanks a lot for your opinion.

      You definitly got my point here and I agree with you.

  4. Nicolas 27 February 2013 at 12 h 38 min - Reply

    Yes, great, amazing experience guys ! the idea is also to skinned your own arm until the bone and then make it cook in the hot pot ! I’m pretty sure that it will be amazing too and make impress many peoples.
    The problem is not what human can eat or not… the point is the believing around the question of dog consumption.Some Viets, Chineses, Koreans and some others south-eastern Asian countries believe that make suffering the dogs (or cats) will bring aphrodisiac attribute to the meat. you can look thousands of videos posted on this topic on youtube and on the web to see the reason why supported the consumption of this meat it’s uncivilized and more that stupid. Definitively, before to open the door of this kind of restaurant and, by this way, to cheer this disgusting business, it will be bright and clever to take a minimum information on this trade. Human who will take pleasure to make suffering an animal by stupid believing cannot be considered as human. Yes, it’s not a question of cultural respect, it just a question of life respect. Gandhi said “We recognize the degree of civilization of a people to the way it treats its animals.” – I’m agree on this point and the dog meat supporter have, on my opinion less value than a cockroach.

    • tunimaal 27 February 2013 at 15 h 43 min - Reply

      Hi Nicolas,

      thanks for your comment and your opinion.

      I want to say: STOP IT. It is not because some people do really bad things (and I agree with you on that, it is crual to kill animal this way) that they are all doing the same thing.

      Open you mind a little bit and stop thinking that one thing you see on few videos is common thing for all the situation. Stop putting all Korean, Chinese and other people in the same box. Not all Chinese people eat dog, for example…..

      Before reffering to Gandhi, please learn to respect other people. Who are you to decide who is human and who is not? Are you better than other people?

  5. Nicolas 3 April 2013 at 21 h 42 min - Reply

    Hi Tunimaal,
    Good to admit cruelty against the animals.
    Then, about your quote, I clearly specified on the 5th line that “Some” peoples are concerned by this terrible practice; I never said “All” and this, for a simple reason that the best fighters against this trade are Vietnameses, Chineses or Thais new generations themselves who believes in Humanity and not in stupid believing from old generations. I stand against this trade in Thailand where smugglers send, every days, dogs to supply vietnamese and chinese markets. Please don’t hesitate to have a look on this link to know more about this fight.
    I come from Occident and in my country, we respect the dogs, cats, animals by the mind and by the laws also. I consider that’s a great thing who have to be extended around the world – respect the animals feelings and fight the suffering should be supported everywhere.
    I don’t consider that I’m better or worse than other people but something is sure, this trade is barbaric and peoples who cheers it don’t have my respect and I’m in my right.
    You come from France and I Hope that you can understand this point. Promote dog meat is not a right thing and it’s not because you are in oversea that everything must be amazing and untenable practices should be respected.
    Regards -

    • tunimaal 9 April 2013 at 10 h 20 min - Reply

      Hi Nicolas,

      thanks for your comment and your opinion. I agree with you about cruelty against animal. This is something I am definitly against.

      But now, I am not promoting it here. I am just telling about a Chinese restaurant selling dog meat in Japan, which is a fact. Also, as long as I know, we have no information about the meat sold there and if it was treated the way you are saying. You can’t assume that every single restaurant selling this king of meat does cruelty against them. It may be true in some case as it can be false in some others.

      I am not promoting dog meat or anything else, just talking about a fact and giving my opinion. When you say ” Promote dog meat is not a right thing ” you clearly mean that all dog meat comes from dog that have been under cruelty. One more time, this is not true in all the case.

      • Nicolas 9 April 2013 at 18 h 05 min - Reply

        Hi Tunimaal,
        Thank you for your answer and happy to read your position. Unfortunately, around the dog meat, there are a many popular beliefs as cruel slaughtering will bring aphrodisiac attributes to the meat. This is the common point between asian countries concerned by this practice and the first motivation for consuming this meat. That’s why peoples stand up for fighting because it’s the “traditional” way of slaughtering and there is unfortunately no exception on this market. You write “Personally I have nothing against the use of animals as long as they are handled and slaughtered under conditions which do not reflect any abuse towards them”. I’m agree on that but you really have to understand that dogs slaughter directly means global abuses and cruel traditional practices. Tradition is like this and they is no exception one more time.
        I appreciate your open-mindedness because for a part of population which have your denomination, dog meat is “haram” – not allowed. If peoples concerned were flexible as you regarding slaughter abuse, there will have no longer argument and polemic concerning slaughtering method in western countries.
        Have a nice day – regards.

        • tunimaal 11 April 2013 at 10 h 47 min - Reply

          Hi Nicolas,

          the thing is that you are saying “that dogs slaughter directly means global abuses and cruel traditional practices.” but they are no proof at all for every single situation.

          As for me, I didn’t eat dog meat at the restaurant because it’s agains my religion.

          But yes I will never agree about torture to any kind of animal at all.

  6. Nicolas 12 April 2013 at 17 h 45 min - Reply

    Hi Tunimaal,
    They are no proof but there are innumerable facts around many countries and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, I never meet the situation that you suggested… slaughtering dogs without abuse. Dogs needs to be stressed to offer delicious meat according to the traditional believing and obviously by the cruel methods.
    Anyway, I’m happy to read you are not agree about torture to any kind of animal and not well-inclined in traditional slaughters which are definitely cruel.
    Thank you for this debate and have a nice stay to Japan. Regards.

    • tunimaal 13 April 2013 at 15 h 47 min - Reply

      Hi Nicolas,

      thanks for sharing your point of view and open minded to the debate.

      Hope to read from you again soon ;-)

  7. Miyu 15 June 2013 at 12 h 37 min - Reply

    It’s in a korean town.
    Almost 99.9999999% of Japanese don’t know there is such place in Japan.
    This is scandal.

    • tunimaal 16 June 2013 at 13 h 20 min - Reply

      Yes in Korean Town, in the heart of Tokyo, with million of people going there and the restaurant is right in front of the JR station, and use a huge sign in Kanji saying “dog meat”. Trust me there are more people knowing about this than you think, and they don’t complain about it.

  8. ariann 12 August 2013 at 23 h 55 min - Reply

    I understand your point of view and I am ok with the fact that people eat dog meat, as long as they are properly killed without any suffering. But actually, the dog you tasted probably extremly suffered before dying. If you dontnbelieve me, you can do a little bit of reasearch and youwill see how dogs are slaughtered in china, in korea and in other asian countries where it is normal to eat dogmeat. Actually, there is a belief over there who says the more the dog suffers, the tastier the meat, so they beat them to death, boil them in boiling water alive, electrocute them, ect. I do respect every culture and I wouldnt really mind them eating dog meat if it wasnt how they are killed. I did research on the subject and I was really traumatised on the cruelty of this industry.

    • tunimaal 19 August 2013 at 13 h 43 min - Reply

      First of all, if you read my article well I didn’t tasted it, because I refused to do so.

      I saw videos of this way before, many many years ago, to go to that restaurant. Some videos don’t means it always the case. If tomorro I will show you 2 or2 or even 100 videos of how cow are slaughtered in Europe or America, are you going to think that it is always the same way? And actually if you see that, you won’t be able to eat meat anymore.

    • Yong 31 October 2013 at 3 h 40 min - Reply

      Dear Arian,

      You are talking nonsense here , I am an Asian and I live here all the time, can you tell me exactly where we Asian slaughter the dog by boiling it alive , I will pay you a ticket to fly anywhere in Asia where you claimed that dogs are boiling alive ! Otherwise please shut up and stop excrete shit through your mouth !

      • tunimaal 28 November 2013 at 15 h 18 min - Reply

        Dear Yong,

        I understand you can get mad, but remember that giving your arguments in a polite way will give it more power ;-)

  9. Yong 7 September 2013 at 9 h 04 min - Reply

    Hi Nicolas, if I am not mistaken, the veal you ate come from the boby calf and the way they are killed in the west are to club the calfs before their throats are slicked to bleed. This is the similar way dogs were killed in the East. You are so gullible to believe the sensation in a few utude videos production out to shock.In what authority that you claim to know the Chinese beat up the dogs before eating their meats to improve their sex drive ! Is adrenalin the sex hormone medically ? How ignorant you are ! Testosterone may be closer as a sex hormone my dear Nicolas.

    You had given us the impression of a strong moral upright person who goes all way to prevent cruelty to animals.
    Now may I suggest you to move out from your little square and shift your high moral ground a little closer home to see that thousands of baby seals are clubbed to death in North America just for furs, my children always reduce to tears whenever they saw ten of thousands of their favorite dolphins being speared barbarically in a bay someway in Europe . Now Mr Nicolas, would you help me to direct your righteous act to those in Spain where the poor bulls are speared repeatedly in the bull fight ring, just for the fun of it, spare some of your mercy to these poor animals.

    The way you buff you chest and crucified the writer Mr Tunimaal piss me up no end !

    Good day to you from a simple China man.

    • tunimaal 29 October 2013 at 15 h 15 min - Reply

      Hello Yong

      thanks for sharing your opinion.

      I do agree with you on some parts, especially when you mention the fact that other animals are treated like shit when they are killed, even in western countries. But some people like to say that other culture are “evil” before even having a closer look at their own culture.

      • Yong 31 October 2013 at 2 h 54 min - Reply

        Dear Nicolas,
        Thank you for your reply , you hit the nail exactly on the head, people always point their finger at others without looking at the mirror of themselves, this was exactly what you have been doing in your postings in this dog eating habit . I am an ethnic Chinese , I don’t eat dog and I don’t object other from eating dogs, just like you might eat rabbit , horse meat , chickens, lambs which are just as adorable pets as a dog would be . Please step out from your little square, be understanding of other people eating habits due to environmental conditioning. Chinese never considered dog meat as aphrodisiac , it is called a flagrant meat in Quanzhou in Southern China, my ethnic Chinese friend who is a medical doctor who is now living in Scotland , he had live around the world, beside eating all those normal acceptable meats , he had tried all meats eaten by Eskimo, African sub continent , Chinese and Korean dogs cuisine , his conclusion is the dog meat rank the top most tasty meat, somebody care to confirm this as I do not eat dog because I has a pet dog.

        • tunimaal 28 November 2013 at 15 h 17 min - Reply

          Hey Yong,

          I definitly agree with your point here. This is what I wanted to point out in my article. So many people want to teach to others “what is normal to eat and what is not” and I find it offending. All the culture are different and we should all respect them as they are.

  10. Nicolas 29 October 2013 at 20 h 41 min - Reply

    To Yong – Hi
    I don’t stay in Europe for more than 10 years now. I leave in Asia and observe and fight this dog traffic. I condemn this as the same way of baby seals are clubbed, as the galgos abused in Spain, as Faroe Islands pilot whale massacre… so much example around the world to present that the human cruelty don’t have limit. You fight against animal cruelty and you are sensitive about this question ? if yes, it’s perfect… many organization in China will appreciate your help as the CSAPA, the CCAPN or the WSPA which have a lot of courageous and excellent Chinese activists. Since 2009, the draft of an animal protection law in China don’t have any progress… if you can cheer this draft, it could be a great thing. Cheer to you !
    A Tunimall – Salut
    Je porte un oeil bien plus critique à ce qu’il se passe également en Europe concernant la protection animale. Tu me parles de “propre culture” sur les exemples cités par Yong… notamment le massacre annuel des dauphins aux Féroés – le Grindadrap ??? Franchement… un peu de sérieux. Et où as tu vu que je disais que les autres cultures c’était le diable ? Bref… vouloir justifier le mal par le mal n’est pas la voie à prendre à mon goût. Une sur-enchère aussi inutile que stérile. Dénoncer certaines pratiques n’est pas non plus une marque d’intolérance ou d’ignorance… enfin, chacun voit midi à sa porte comme on dit !

    • Yong 31 October 2013 at 4 h 11 min - Reply

      To Nicolas,

      We share the same believe in prevention of cruelty to animals of all kinds, not just dog ! Right Nicolas ?
      Whether you have not lived in Europe for more than 10 years is immaterial to a stand for humanity and against cruelty of all animals , you mentioned that you are from Occidental country where by your people have perfect law to protect the welfare of your dogs and cats ! And you saw to it that China should learn from you and follow your law of dog and cat ! Being an ignorant simple China man like me, may I ask whether your country has the similar cruelty protection law for : baby seals, bulls in fighting ring , dolphins , foxes in the wild and the calfs killed veal meats ? You are a French man yes ? What about those poor snails that are boiling alive In France ? Show me you are a real humanity fighter and not a Phony Mr Nicolas !

      • tunimaal 28 November 2013 at 15 h 19 min - Reply

        You made an excellent point with the snail ;-)

    • tunimaal 28 November 2013 at 15 h 14 min - Reply

      Hi Nicolas,

      thanks for you though and comments. Please keep writing in English in here so everybody can understand ;-)

  11. nihonjin 24 December 2013 at 6 h 56 min - Reply

    Japanese don’t eat dogs. As you noticed it is the restaurants for foreigners living in Japan, who came from the countries that dog eating is their habit. So pleas don’t try to spread wrong information that Japan is eating dogs for fun.Of course most of Japanese disgusted but we admit others rights or see killing is unavoidable to live.If we are crazy and self centered, we will make the law to forbid all koran or chinese custom in our nation because it is just disgusting.

    • tunimaal 24 December 2013 at 7 h 03 min - Reply

      Hello Mister or Miss “Nihonjin”,

      I am surprised by your comment, first because you don’t even say “hello” or “hi” or whatever else.

      Second because you are saying that I am saying wrong things which is not true at all.

      I never said wrong things and I never said that Japan or Japanese eats dogs. I said that in Japan it is possible to eat dog’s meat, which is true. If you go to Shinokubo you can eat dog in a Chinese restaurant. Shinokubo is in Tokyo and Tokyo is in Japan. So I just said the truth nothing more than the truth.

      And I NEVER said that Japanese are eating dog for fun, so please to say something I never said. I know you saw my article translated on Cool Japan website, but think that they may have translated wrong what I wrote.

      So read carefully before saying things that are not true at all…. Thank you very much.

  12. Yong 25 December 2013 at 11 h 43 min - Reply

    Hi Nihongin ( Japanese people ? ) ,
    Please stop twisting fact , Mr Tuninaal never even mentioned that Japanese people eating dog meat for fun ! If you two Japanese can’t read simple English , then perhap it is better for you two to join a Japanese language blog , otherwise , you two are arguing over nothing here !
    Eating dog meat is just like eating any other meats , nothing disgusting about it , I think in this blog , most will agree that cruelty to annimal is not acceptable ! That is why many people find it disgusting to see that Japanese are engaging in mass massacre of the lovely dolphins in their yearly ritual or fun !

    • tunimaal 7 January 2014 at 15 h 18 min - Reply

      Hey Yong,

      thanks for your comment. Definitly agree with you ;-)

  13. Yong 7 January 2014 at 17 h 54 min - Reply

    Hi Tunimall ,
    Happy new year , can you please translate the French writing posted by Nicolas to you so that we can understand what he was talking about .

    • tunimaal 17 February 2014 at 11 h 14 min - Reply

      Hi Yong and happy new year. Sorry for my late reply.

      Nicolas wrote something like this:

      “I have a much more critical point of view about what is also happening in Europe for animal protection. You talk to me of “own culture” on the examples cited by Yong … including the annual slaughter of dolphins in the Faroe – the Grindadrap?? Honestly … be more serious. And where did you see that I said the other cultures were the devil? Anyway … try to justify evil with evil is not the good thing to do, in my opinion. Over-bid as useless as sterile. Denounce certain practices is not a sign of intolerance or ignorance … well, everyone sees noon at his door as they say!”

  14. Yong 17 February 2014 at 22 h 49 min - Reply

    Hi Tunimaal,
    Thanks for your translation of Nicolas’s comment from French , now I can understand his thought and mentality better . Many people like him coming from the west have the false superiority complex , relentlessly picking on we Asian practices which might be different from where they came from , with their superiority complex clouding their eyes , they are totally blind to the wrong doing in their home land while hungrily soaking up their ego by pointing their fingers hypocritically to we Asian , in this case, Mr Nicolas totally ignored the facts that in France , other than dog and cat , they think that it is ok to impose cruelty to other animals such as geese , ducks , foxes, the bulls , dolphins and the snails etc , as if these are not classified as animals too ! from Nicolas postings above , it was very clear that his fingers are pointing in one direction only , may be he can share with us some of his past articles critical of the cruelty of forced feeding of goose or ducks in France where he claimed to have excelent law and humanity to protect the animals from cruelty ! And we Chinese or Asian should follow the practice of France where he came from !? We all applaud people who champion for the welfare of animals , but we Asian are not blind to the hypocritcy of some westerners who come to preach ! I hope those ego seeking people do not take Asian culture of politeness as a sign of ignorance , especially to a foreigner and a guest !

    • tunimaal 20 February 2014 at 9 h 34 min - Reply

      In the end, I think that people should never judge other cultures on their difference and think that they are bad because the act in a different manner.

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