Halloween in Japan: A Blue AKB 48 in Shinjuku

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Halloween in Japan: A Blue AKB 48 in Shinjuku

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Here is the third part of my Halloween adventures in Japan. I became a Blue AKB 48 and went to a party in Shinjuku with my friends. Still a lot of fun reactions from the Japanese. 

For the third part of my Blue Man project in Japan, I decided to become a Blue AKB 48. The AKB 48 are the most popular girls in Japan and are a pop group. They dress, often, in schoolgirl’s uniform. So I decided to do the same. After all, a Blue Man, in practice, try everything that surround him. 

This article is part of a serie of three articles dedicated to my Halloween in Japan in 2011, you can discover the other articles here:

In this Monday, October 31, I decided to invite some friends of mine to go and celebrate Halloween together in Shinjuku, in an English pub. I therefore disguises as a Blue AKB 48 and left my house in Kuramae towards Shinjuku.

I took the train and again I was entitled to a lot of surprised looks. And as the two previous nights, it was the Japanese girls who were less shy. They approached me, asked me for photos and some even gave me their Twitter or Facebook. I really had luck.

Because it was Halloween night, I decided to take a bag of candies with me. And because of that, some girls in furies started to chase me shouting “trick or Treat, Trick or Treat”. For once they were able to speak English. I shared my booty with them.

halloween in japan - blue akb 48 japanese schoolgirls

Schoolgirls & Blue AKB 48

At Shinjuku, my friends were all surprised 

Nobody knew my costume in advance. I just asked my friends to come dressed as their saying that we would spend a great evening. I had to join a dozen of people (I did not know all of them) in Shinjuku station.

Once at the Shinjuku station, I headed to my friends, which I saw in the distance, while being stared at by passers-by. And then I was discovered. My friends started laughing and they took out their cameras. So we did a short photo shoot.

After a few photos with my friends, and even with some passers-by (still girls) we decided to get to the English pub near the station.

halloween in japan - blue akb 48 2 schoolgirls

Blue AKB 48

In an English pub for a friendly night:

Once in the pub, many eyes turned to me. I became once again the “star” of the evening. After a few photos of usage, I was finally able to settle down with my friends and enjoy a good atmosphere.

We had many chats, talking with people on site. We, of course, took a few more photos. And then it was 23:00, and I did not want to miss my last train, so I went to the station with a friend of mine, Natsuko.

Even on the way home, a girl did “flirt” with me

Decidedly, until I left this Halloween costume, I kept myself accosted by girls all the more charming than other. I had the right to some Twitter and Facebook exchange.

On the train, a girl sitting across from me made me some winks. Ten suddenly she got up and came to me, and spoke in English. We exchanged our Twitter accounts.

halloween in japan - blue akb 48 japanese girls

Blue AKB 48 & Japanese girls

The Blue Man Operation in Tokyo was a success:

In the end, I can say that my Halloween costume had a great success. I have never been photographed as much in my life (no exaggeration more than a hundred times).

I also obtained the contact of several girls. But to my surprise no boy approached me.

Ultimately, this adventure allowed me to demonstrate the behaviour of the Japanese towards foreigners: curiosity, fear, surprise or friendship. That depends on the people. But I think the Blue Man embodied what can live a Gaijin inJapan.

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