Freelance French Teacher in Japan: Results of January 2012

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Freelance French Teacher in Japan: Results of January 2012

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Here is my statistical report as a Freelance French Teacher in Tokyo, for the first month of 2012. For the first time my results were down.

Since the beginning of my activity as a Freelance French Teacher in Japan, I had quite encouraging results and which kept increasing. But this month, I just knew my first drop in my income. Nothing too serious, but down nonetheless. Here are the details.

Beginning of 2012: a start rather difficult

January is the symbol of a new year, new challenges, new resolutions and even more. January is also a symbol of family celebrations for the beginning of the new calendar year. During the first week of January, the Japanese go back in their family to celebrate this New Year begins. And this concerns all Japanese, even my students.

As a result of this situation, the first week of January 2012 was empty of lessons, because most of my students were not in Tokyo. I admit that initially it was quite frustrating, if not scary. It reminded me of how this activity is ephemeral and volatile. Every holiday will drop you results, any disease and you can lose students. Everything goes very fast.

But fortunately, the following weeks were normal and I was able to limit the damages. You can see it in the figures below.

Here is my statistical report for the month of January 2012:

Like every month, I give you my key figures of my work as a Freelance French Teacher in Japan:

  • Number of students so far: 26
  • Number of men: 10
  • Number of women: 16
  • Number of students to come (scheduled trial lessons): 2
  • Number of hours worked in November 2011: 76 hours
  • Sums collected: 193,700 Yen (2544 USD)
  • Average per hour: 2,549 Yen per hour (33.50 USD)
  • Transport cost (paid by students): 16,620 Yen  (218 USD)

My incomes are down for a few thousands Yen, but with the low rate of the Euro right now, when I convert I can feel that I don’t loose any money. However, the number of my students has not decreased. I even have more students this month than last month. The gap between the number of women and the number of men is increasing, in favour of the ladies.

For the month of February 2012, my goal is to rebound above the 200,000 Yen (2625 USD) while knowing that this month will be much shorter in terms of number of days.


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