A night at a Manga Kissa

tunimaal 12 June 2011 2
A night at a  Manga Kissa

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manga kissa ueno tokyo

manga kissa ueno tokyo

A Manga Kissa? This is a Cyber Cafe oriented toward the Manga culture. Having slept in a capsule Hotel in Tokyo, worthy of the greatest Manga and Anime, I told myself that I had to try something uniquely Japanese. And that is why last night I spent the night in what is called Manga Kissa.

A Manga Kissa, what is it?

Manga Kissa is a cafe where you can freely read Manga. This is at least the concept at the beginning, when it was created. Since then, it evolved into an Internet Cafe offering a variety of services very substantial. For a flat fee, generally low, you will have thousands of Manga and Anime in self-service and Internet access in a private cabin. They even provide drinks and snacks without additional cost.

In view of their offerings, their relative comfort, their affordability and the fact that they are open 24h/24, they soon became a place to sleep at (instead of hotels) if you missed your last train.

Given that this is a typical Japanese space, I wanted to try to spend a night there.

manga kissa ueno tokyo

Carte de Membre (membership card)

My night in a Manga Kissa:

Around 22:00, Saturday, June 11, 2011, I arrived in a Manga Kissa. I climbed to the second floor of the building and went to the reception. After presenting my Alien Registration Card and have paid 100 Yen for a membership card (that is required), I was finally able to access my space. In these Manga Kissa you have a portioned space that is private and very well equipped (widescreen, computer, Internet, cable TV, a leather chair, a footrest and even free drinks and snacks).

And of course, like the name tells it, you have a free and unlimited access to thousands of Manga.

So this is the place where I spent my night in Tokyo.

The Manga Kissa where I visited is located next to Ueno station in Tokyo. I paid 1250 Yen (about 12.5 USD) for the night time fare (from 22:00 to 07:00). Be careful not to exceed because for each additional 10 minutes you will be charged 100 yen.

Otherwise, you should know that many people sleep in these places, especially on weekends, when they missed the last train. Admit that there is still worse as the place to rest.

manga kissa ueno tokyo


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  1. Dan90 25 July 2013 at 9 h 33 min - Reply


    May I ask you where did you find this Manga Kissa near Ueno? I would also be interested in spending a night there. :)


    • tunimaal 25 July 2013 at 13 h 09 min - Reply

      It’s just beside Ueno Station, toward Okachimachi…. You can find plenty of them all around Tokyo ;-)

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